Fund Management

    Fund Management

    Black Swan manages private equity funds which are invested primarily in natural resources and technology. In most deals Black Swan and its partners will hold a controlling stake, at least in the initial stages of a transaction, and always require management and board positions on all investments.
    Financial Consultancy

    Financial Consultancy

    As the financial world shifts east, Black Swan Plc is strategically positioning itself to embrace this Black Swan event by establishing a base in Dubai early in the game. As the UAE region becomes the preferred financial hub of the region, Black Swan plc, is proactively working within this changing environment to become a leader in financial services.

    About us

    The financial world is moving east and we live in the Asian century. Black Swan is positioned in Dubai at the crossroads of this change.

    Black Swan Plc (“Black Swan”) is a Gibraltar holding company formed by a group of experienced professionals from the City of London. All have held senior positions in Banking and/or Financial Advisory firms with experience in different geographies and across a broad range of financial disciplines. Black Swan FZE is it's wholly owned operating subsidiary in the UAE.


    We take our name from the Black Swan Theory. A Black Swan event is one that changes the world as we know it forever. It was once assumed that all swans were white. Once the first black one had been discovered in Australia, all previous research on swans was rendered useless, showing working assumptions were redundant. Black Swan Plc seeks to utilise Black Swan events in the global marketplace to optimise opportunity.

    Black Swan Plc Theory

    The emergence of new economies in India, China and Asia and the changing face of the Middle East and revolutionary events. The political power has yet to shift from the old economies, but the financial world has already begun a metamorphosis.

    Black Swan operates a private investment fund based in Dubai. The main investment focus is commodities and technology with a geographic focus on the Asia-Pacific region.

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