Group Structure: Gibraltar Holding Company

Black Swan Plc has been incorporated as a public limited company in Gibraltar. This jurisdiction is home to a number of international businesses and has a beneficial tax structure coupled with a sensible financial regime. The London markets have shown that they are perfectly prepared to invest in businesses incorporated in reasonable offshore jurisdictions. Examples include, Party Gaming which is based in Gibraltar and quoted on the main market of the London Stock Exchange and Neteller is based in the Isle of Man and is also quoted on AIM.

Black Swan Plc remains unregulated as a holding company but will own shareholdings in regulated entities or have regulated wholly owned subsidiaries in different jurisdictions.

Black Swan will remain unregulated as a holding company but will own shareholdings in regulated entities or have regulated wholly owned subsidiaries in different jurisdictions.

Local Subsidiary

Within the UAE Black Swan operates through its wholly owned subsidiary Black Swan FZE. This is a Free Zone Enterprise incorporated in Ras al Khaimah with offices in RAK and Dubai.

Partners & Risk Management

Z/Yen helps organisations make better choices - it’s mission is to be the foremost risk/reward management firm.

Z/Yen’ s Chairman, Michael Mainelli, is a key member of the Black Swan team. This association provides access to world leading technology and risk management, particularly in the financial sector, as well as the ability to draw on a vast network of expertise.

Risk/reward management underpins Z/Yen’s belief that good decisions must:

Enhance reward - decisions on opportunities and new strategies.

Control risk - decisions about eliminating, avoiding, mitigating or pooling risks.

Reduce volatility - decisions that increase certainty or consistency of performance.

Z/Yen typically manages projects or provides people to deliver timely, quality work for clients in demanding situations - a think-tank that implements its recommendations.

Z/Yen is most famous for its strong network of referred clients.

Publishing the highly acclaimed humorous management novel Clean Business Cuisine.

Establishing industry standard cost and efficiency benchmarking for back-office and IT across the treasury and capital markets.

Developing the world-leading risk/reward prediction engine, PropheZy, launched in 2002.

Providing leading research on issues of governance, evidence of worth, community-building, finance and information technology for not-for-profit organisations.

Winning a Department of Trade and Industry Foresight Challenge Award in 1996 for the £1.9 million Financial Laboratory Club research into visualising financial risk.

Commercialising numerous technologies from university spin-outs or start-ups through to IT companies, health firms and government agencies; thus creating tremendous value for clients.

Z/Yen’s slogan is “zest for enlightenment”, which is embodied in five distinguishing principles: investing in clients, investing in partners, improving ourselves, sharing rewards and keeping our sense of humour. Z/Yen’s strategy is based on four activities:

Delivering superior work and undertaking ground-breaking projects where others fear to tread.

Developing a wider community of firms and individuals.

Enhancing risk/reward thinking.

Investing in ventures where Z/Yen’s network and skills can add value.

Z/Yen has built its practice around a core of high-powered project managers, supported by experienced technical specialists, who together provide the clients with the expertise they need, rather than just resources available. The firm is headquartered in London, but Z/Yen is committed to the virtual office concept and is an intense user of technology in order to improve flexibility and benefit staff. Z/Yen has 25 full-time-equivalent staff and over 300 associate experts. Z/Yen individuals share significantly in the benefits of success and Z/Yen seeks to develop a supportive environment in which professionals from a variety of disciplines can flourish.